VOGEL Ayakkabı ve Tekstil

İletişim: +90 212 438 4653 

E-posta: info@vogel.com.tr



Askeri giyim alanında bot, t shirt, combat, pantolon, kamuflaj vb birçok ürün geliştiriyoruz. Askeri bot, polis botu ve iş güvenliği ayakkabısı tasarlıyoruz.

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We carry an enormous inventory of all the things you need to complete your project: notions, patterns.

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CEO: Steven Rogers

How we do it

Textile engages and catalyzes the textile industry across the supply chain through partnerships and collaborations, building knowledge and capacity to inform and educate. We further leverage our influence to create action, change and collective impact


tons of yarn
tons of fabric
tons of dyed fabric
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